Friday, December 17, 2010

Making A Connection

Being in healthcare is about making personal connections, whether it is through direct patient care or a single encounter with a patient or visitor. We often talk about the GBMC values and what they mean to us as an organization and as individuals. I’d like to share a story with you about two staff members who exemplify these core values and how sometimes, it’s the simplest, kindest actions that have the most impact.

JoAnn Parr, RN, a care manager on Unit 38, wrote in an email:

“…Last evening, a patient’s daughter who was here on Unit 38 and who had been up all night with her mother in the ED, was trying to leave the unit once her mother had been admitted, but her car battery was dead. The daughter called Security but their car charger was also dead…I called security and explained that I had jumper cables in my car and asked them to send an officer down to the garage to help this patient’s daughter. Kenny Burchett immediately responded and assisted in pushing this woman’s car out of its spot, hooked the cables from my car to hers and jump started it. The woman was so appreciative to GBMC Security and said, 'This is why I always bring my mother to this hospital.'"

Kenny was so kind and patient and stated, “If it were my wife or daughter, I would want someone to do the same thing.”

For those of you who have listened to me speak, you have probably heard me ask, “What if it were your daughter?” You’d want the same exceptional care for your daughter or loved one as Kenny provided to this woman. We should be proud to have Kenny as part of the GBMC family!

JoAnn goes on to tell a similar story about Security officer Arlene Hightower who helped JoAnn and a fellow coworker rescue a puppy that was left in a car in the garage on a hot summer’s day. “Officer Hightower helped us try and reach the owner of the car, kept in contact with us, let us know what to do and who to call, and was more than pleasant, kind and patient.”

Officers Burchett and Hightower serve as role models for GBMC’s values. I am certainly proud to have these individuals on our team.

And, in the spirit of the holidays, I had the fortunate opportunity to hear the GBMC holiday choir performing many wonderful holiday songs for patients, visitors and staff this past week. In fact, we had a delegation from Russia visiting our Berman Cancer Institute to see what a top-notch community cancer program looks like in the U.S. as they take on the profound challenge of establishing a cancer program in Siberia. During their tour of GBMC, they encountered the choir, happily listened to a song and asked to have their photo taken with the group of talented singers! Thanks to all the GBMC employees who spread so much cheer during this holiday season, including our Russian friends!

Members of GBMC's Berman Cancer Institute and the Russian delegation enjoy the festive songs of GBMC's holiday choir

It’s all about connecting with people. I look forward to continuing to connect with our front line staff in the coming weeks as we kick off the winter Town Hall meetings in January and February 2011 (Click here for the listing of dates and times: http://infoweb/body.cfm?id=23&action=detail&ref=200). I want to hear from you, so whether it’s by leaving a comment on this blog or discussing issues that matter to you at the upcoming Town Hall meetings, let’s keep the dialogue rolling.

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