Friday, February 11, 2011

Those Who Inspire a Better World Are Right Here at GBMC

 Over the course of my career, there have been many people who have inspired me with their passion for creating positive change and their quest to improve the lives of others and the community in which we live. I’m proud to say that I work with many remarkable individuals right here at GBMC who also serve as inspirations to us all. In fact, six GBMC employees and volunteers were just named Healthcare Heroes finalists, the Daily Record’s annual recognition of individuals “who embody the spirit of the word ‘hero’ - men and women who are making a positive impact on the lives of others.” All of these team members go above and beyond the call of duty every day, exemplifying the GBMC values we hold dear.
I’d like to personally congratulate and thank: Abby Dentry, Donna Lewis, Cheryl McCarus, Kathy Ruane, Barbara Tassone, and Lee Hoyt and Peggy Walton, our finalists, as well as Dr. Fred Chan, Barbara Messing and Cindy Ross, RN, who were also nominated for this recognition.

I’d also like to share with you excerpts from the nominations of the finalists so you can get a feel for just how special these GBMC “heroes” are.

Abby Dentry, NICU

Abby Dentry, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, NICU – “Abby has a healing hand and a caring heart for the premature and sick infants in the NICU. She works in the NICU on a regular basis coming in as early as 4 a.m. to prepare for her shift that doesn’t start until 7 a.m. She does everything with a smile. Her love for nursing and for the Neonatal Unit cannot be measured. Abby is loved by everyone she works with and is revered by all of her colleagues. Parents of tiny, critically ill patients find her comforting. Her soft voice is reassuring even in times of crisis.”
Donna Lewis, Oncology Support

Donna Lewis, RN, Director, Cancer Patient Support Services – “Donna and her team completed a major initiative this past year in the creation of a true survivorship program for cancer patients completing treatment at GBMC’s Sandra & Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute. This model of exceptional patient support service has been identified by a national healthcare review group as a model program for supporting cancer patients once they have completed treatment, adding quality to their lives as well as their family.”
Cheryl McCarus, Orthoptist

Cheryl McCarus, Orthoptist – “Cheryl is an outstanding teacher, mentor and colleague who teaches not only about treating patients, but caring for them. [Many of] the patient’s she sees suffer from a wide range of neurologic conditions leading to visual problems. They come into the office crying and in despair worried their last hope will be yet another treatment that does not work. With some simple measurements and complex manipulation of their glasses Cheryl is able to give someone back the ability to read, to see clearly, or to stop seeing everything double. Patients leave crying out of joy.”
Kathy Ruane, Senior Services
Outreach program

Kathy Ruane, RN, Senior Services Community Outreach Program – “In 2007, GBMC’s Community Benefit Committee began planning a Senior Services Community Outreach Program…Kathy worked to get this program started for people in need. Kathy visits six facilities -  five senior and disabled independent apartment buildings, and the Assistance Center of Towson Churches, a shelter for the poor and needy. Through this work, Kathy is providing medical care, referrals and resources to the truly underserved and forgotten in our community, taking the time to provide to their medical needs, and then some.”

Barbara Tassone, ANP, BC

Barbara Tassone, ANP, BC, Advanced Radiology – Interventional Radiology – “Barb shows compassion and strength through her daily work. She is known as the go to person in the department. She is always willing to help out whomever she can, whether it is a patient, coworker, visitor or caregiver. She takes her time with each patient she encounters, reassuring them, answering any questions no matter how simple. She is truly a person who cares about the nursing profession and medicine and its ability to help people.”

Lee Hoyt

Peggy Walton
Lee Hoyt and Peggy Walton, Gilchrist Hospice, End-of-Life Doulas – “Lee Hoyt and Peggy Walton are two of the 90 End-of-Life Doulas who serve Gilchrist patients through the all-volunteer program. The volunteer doulas are present for patients and families at the most critical and emotional point in their hospice journeys – immediately prior to death. For those families who cannot be there, the doulas provide a peace of mind that their loved one will not die alone. For those who can, the volunteers provide a calming and supportive presence for both the patient and family. Many have spent six-hour shifts at Gilchrist Center, sitting by bedsides and consoling family members grieving the death that was soon to come.”

We can all learn from those who lead and work to evoke positive change in our world. Let these “Heroes” serve as examples of how our work in healthcare truly touches the lives of so many. These individuals have been empowered to generate change for the better – which is a topic I will explore in more depth in the coming weeks. But I’d like to hear your thoughts on how we can inspire and empower each other to create change and redesign our systems at GBMC? I welcome your comments on this.

P.S. – Thanks to all who commented on last week’s topic of cleanliness and who visited me in the cafeteria to continue the dialogue.

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