Friday, July 1, 2011

Changing of the Guard

We are fortunate at GBMC to have truly great leaders who believe strongly in the mission of GBMC and in its vision for the future. We have leaders who are undoubtedly passionate about GBMC and believe fervently in ensuring the success of our community’s hospital and health system for generations to come. And as one great leader’s term comes to an end, another takes the reins as Chairman of the HealthCare Board of Directors for GBMC. I am so grateful for the service our outgoing Chairman, Charlie Fenwick, has given and look forward to working with our new Chairman, Harry Johnson, another example of a great leader and community advocate. 
I met both Charlie and Harry when I interviewed for the CEO position a little more than a year ago and both made an indelible impression on me even then. As I have had the opportunity to get to know both of these men quite well over the past year, I realize that both Charlie and Harry share something very special in common – a love for GBMC and a commitment to giving of themselves to benefit others in the community.

Charlie Fenwick…Now here’s a man who has accomplished a lot in his life. Like any great equestrian, Charlie approaches life with passion.  He is one of only two Americans to have won the prestigious English Grand National steeplechase race as well as many other horse racing honors including the Maryland Hunt Cup (which he won five times) and the Grand National Steeplechase (which he won 10 times!). Charlie and his family have strong roots in the community and he has spent a good part of his life training and racing horses in Maryland. And when he’s not racing, he’s busy running a very successful business - Valley Motors. Charlie has served as President of the Board of Trustees of The Gilman School as well as the director of the Land Preservation Trust, which works to preserve open spaces in Baltimore County. One of the Trust’s first projects was to create the Shawan Downs steeplechase course in Hunt Valley as a legacy for future equestrians. In fact, thanks to Charlie’s work, GBMC has been the recipient of proceeds from the annual Shawan Downs Legacy Chase event for the past 10 years.
Charlie has served on the GBMC Board since 1999 and has been an inspiring and strong leader since becoming Chairman in 2007. In addition to knowing Charlie as a true professional, I am also thankful for his friendship. He is as giving as a friend as he is as a community leader. Charlie has helped me and my family get oriented to Baltimore and since I’ve known him, he’s been a guiding light for GBMC.
GBMC’s new Chairman of the Board, Harry Johnson, is a very passionate man who has also accomplished a great deal in his life.  Harry, a partner at the law firm of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, has become one of the most distinguished attorneys in Maryland. He is a past President of the Maryland State Bar Association and serves on a number of prestigious committees of the American Bar Association. Harry has served a myriad of community organizations through the years. He has been involved with GBMC since the mid 1980s as a lawyer handling medical negligence cases on behalf of GBMC and its physicians. In March of 2000, he joined the GBMC Foundation Board of Directors and was then asked to join the GBMC HealthCare Board because of his excellent leadership and commitment. Harry is clearly a man who gets things done and is keenly focused on fulfilling GBMC’s new strategic plan and moving the organization forward, helping us continue to be committed to providing the best medical care to our community.  
Both Charlie Fenwick and Harry Johnson share a love for GBMC and for giving back to the community. We’re fortunate to have them as part of our team. I’m truly grateful for Charlie’s guidance and service and I’m looking forward to the next chapter with Harry at the helm.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day…

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