Friday, March 1, 2013

All Teach…All Learn

On Monday of this week, I spent the day at Learning Session 2 of our GBMC Improvement Collaborative. In a collaborative, teams that are working on improvements get together at regular intervals to share their progress (and their failures!) so that they can learn from each other and accelerate meaningful change.

Each Team had a storyboard to display and got an opportunity to discuss their work with the larger group. The Teams are working on our system goals. We have teams working on cleanliness (I am the executive sponsor of this team), pressure ulcers, falls, and patient education about medications, to name just a few. The Teams learned more about the Model for Improvement and the notion of testing changes before full-scale implementation.

We also watched a video of Dan Heath, who along with his brother Chip, wrote the book, Switch. The basic premise of this book is that people who want to generate change will make more progress if they understand what fosters change and what gets in its way. Their change model includes 3 components that they call the rider, the elephant, and the path. The rider is our conscious, thinking, self. The elephant is our emotional, urge-driven component and the path is set of external factors that will either make it easier for the rider to navigate the elephant towards the goal, or make it harder. The Heath’s teach that you must first direct the rider with clarity about where he or she needs to go. But it isn’t the rider who has the real say…it’s the emotional self, the elephant. So, you have to motivate people to change with stories that move them. You must get to their emotions. And lastly, you must shape the path by building habits that will help move change forward. 

At the learning session there was a lot of sharing of data and a lot of story-telling for motivation. There was great celebration of accomplishments, like the significant increase in inpatient satisfaction that appears to be coming from hourly rounding, bedside handoff, and faster response to call lights. The Teams recommitted themselves to their goals…all towards our vision of becoming the healthcare system where everyone, every time, gets the care that we want for our own loved ones.

The GBMC HealthCare system is transforming from “hold the status quo” to continuous performance improvement and it is really fun to watch. 

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