Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day to Reflect on the Great Commitment and Hard Work of Our Physicians

This year, National Doctor’s Day is March 30th. This is the one day of the year that we reflect on the many contributions made by our physicians and say thank you to them. The doctors of the GBMC medical staff work very hard to care for patients as they would want their own loved ones cared for. We have physicians throughout our healthcare system that are making a tremendous difference in the lives of patients every day.

This superior care is certainly evident in the 171 members of GBMC’s medical staff who were recognized in Baltimore magazine’s 2013 Top Doctor’s list, which also demonstrates just how good they are since the award comes from the votes of their peers.

And, last week we heard from patients who were very grateful for the coordination of care they received from their primary care physicians, Drs. Gregory Small and Nishi Das, and how the simple act of managing a person’s chronic health condition and providing them with a healthier, better quality of life, makes a world of difference. We are very fortunate to have a medical staff comprised of not only the best doctors in their fields, but doctors who dedicate their time, and their lives, to the care of people. So, in tribute to our physicians, I thought it fitting that we hear what our patients had to say, many of whom gave thanks throughout the year in our Foundation’s Gifts of Gratitude campaign for the care received from a GBMC physician:

“Dr. William McConnell is very kind, considerate and caring. He is always available when you need him.”
“Dr. Marshall Levine is so very special to me and my family.”
“I am fortunate to be in the care of Dr. Joseph Califano. He is a most caring and fine surgeon and a grand person.” 
“Drs. Lauren Schnaper and Sheri Slezak and their staff saved my life. They made me feel like I could make it and their skills made it true. I am forever grateful.”
“Dr. Geoffrey Neuner is a special doctor whose love of life and people shines through him in so many ways. I am here today because he cares.”
“Dr. Teresa Nguyen is fantastic! She takes the time to get to know the children and their families. We adore her!”
“I am 86 and walk pain free thanks to Dr. Victor Tritto.” 
“Dr. Thomas Guarnieri (cardiology)- For your care and wisdom, I thank you! Your referral last summer has resulted in a vast improvement in quality of life.” 
“I thank Dr. Kenneth Greene for his monthly medical updates and quick response to questions sent via email.”
“Thank you to Dr. Carter Freiburg, my vascular surgeon. He was so knowledgeable and caring and kind to me when I had my surgery. I rate him as a “10.”

From the surgeons and hospitalists to the ED physicians, primary care doctors and specialists all throughout GBMC, thank you for caring for patients and families from every walk of life, through all types of illnesses and injuries, and for helping GBMC move toward our vision: To every patient, every time, we will provide the care that we would want for our own loved ones.

In honor of Doctor’s Day and your physician, please share your thoughts and inspiring stories of patient care here…


  1. I second that, Dr. Thomas Guarnieri is the best. I credit him for saving my father's life a few years ago, and last year, when I started to experience cardiac problems, he was the one I went too. I'm symptom free now thanks to him.

    I seriously hope this message gets relayed to him, because he's helped many of my family members. On behalf of my father, uncle, grandfather and myself, Dr. Guarnieri, thank you.

  2. Dr. Reggie Davis has given my husband back his life by taking away the cripling pain he experienced for so many years. He is an incredibly gifted and talented surgeon who will always hold a special place in my heart.

  3. I would like to thank Dr. Tu Cao, family practice for being there for my daughter every time she has been needed. Her incredible medical care and kindness has helped my daughter through a very difficult time in her life. Thanks Dr. Cao!

  4. I am on my husband's insurance plan so I could go anywhere, but I proudly remain at GBMC for my many health care needs. Hats off to the following doctors who have been at my side throughout good times and scary times: Tom Guarnieri, Clara Anizoba, Madhu Chaudhry, Albert Blumberg, Meena Khan, Mark Lowitt, Gurtej Singh. How lucky we are that you all answered the "call" to practice the art of medicine.


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