Friday, June 27, 2014

Pink Gloves, a Video and a Human Cancer Ribbon

Every day, GBMC’s healthcare professionals provide the care we’d want for our own loved ones.  It’s important for us to stay focused on our vision and in continually improving care. But it’s also important for us as leaders to bring awareness to and help with fundraising for illnesses like cancer, which touches so many lives.

For this very reason,  GBMC is excited to be participating in the Pink Glove Dance contest. GBMC has always been an advocate of breast cancer support programs and services for our community, and what a better way to continue our support than through this unique contest?

A Bit of History - The Pink Glove Campaign

It started when Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies, introduced pink exam gloves for healthcare providers to use during a woman’s breast exam and created the Pink Glove campaign to honor healthcare workers and the patients they care for every day. 2014 marks the fourth year of the Pink Glove Dance video competition to help raise awareness of breast cancer throughout the country. Learn more about this unique campaign here.

GBMC employees "getting down" during the Pink Glove Dance video rehearsal.
At GBMC, the contest is bringing together employees as well as community members, many who happen to be breast cancer survivors, in a fun way to raise awareness for this disease. We kicked off rehearsals for our video a few weeks ago and I have to say, I draw the line at dancing. But I admit that although I’m not a dancer by any means, the excitement and camaraderie present in the room filled with GBMC staff members, friends and survivors alike, was motivating, and the spirit of the video was certainly contagious! Everyone in that room was smiling, laughing, “dancing” and moving for a great cause and I’m truly looking forward to producing our very first Pink Glove Dance video on Monday, June 30!

In fact, we have more than 200 individuals signed up to participate in the video and be a part of our human cancer ribbon (just imagine how big this ribbon will be!), which will be an amazing turnout. There’s still time to register to participate in the production of GBMC’s “Pink Glove Dance” contest video- simply register on our website. Our goal is to have 250 individuals – employees, patients, community members -  in our video and human cancer ribbon!

If we win the contest, Medline will donate $15,000 to the Red Devils, a Baltimore-based breast cancer support organization that provides a variety of services to families affected by breast cancer in Maryland.

While we can’t cure every disease or solve every illness or problem we face,  it is part of GBMC’s culture to give,  support and care for everyone as we’d want our own loved ones to be cared for. This is just another small way GBMC is moving toward its vision.

Won’t you be a part of our effort?

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