Thursday, March 5, 2015

How did our checkup go?

GBMC recently underwent its triennial survey by The Joint Commission (TJC), an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits health care organizations.

GBMC is working towards its vision of perfection: treating every patient, every time the way we would want our own loved ones treated. For this reason, we don’t dread the unannounced arrival of the surveyors. Having outside experts check to see if the processes are all in place to deliver perfect care is very helpful. Outsiders might see things that we miss. As a learning organization, we welcome the identification of defects so that we might fix them.

The five-member survey team visited our inpatient units, procedural areas, and outpatient settings providing a thorough and comprehensive assessment of our policies and procedures, documentation, and environment of care. They rated us on the national patient safety goals, our leadership and governance oversight.

We did very well on our checkup. The surveyors applauded us for our quality improvement work, especially Lean Daily Management. They told us that we were well on our way to becoming a high reliability organization. The surveyors did find areas where we need to improve. In an area where we have had no infections, they found that our standard disinfection work was not following best practice to assure sterility. Changes were made on the basis of this learning before the surveyors left GBMC and a team will be returning in 30 to 45 days post survey to assure that our new designs are firmly in place.

Throughout the process TJC surveyors commented on our staff’s professionalism and engagement and their commitment to do what is best for their patients and their families. The surveyors also praised the overall cleanliness of the hospital environment.  At the final session, surveyors recognized GBMC as an organization to which they would confidently send their own loved ones!

So, congratulations and thank you to all for an excellent checkup!

GBMC concluded the celebration of Black History Month. During February we had a number of events that incorporated decorating the display case on the 5th floor to highlight excerpts from famous speeches and poems by African Americans, daily physician trivia, our annual Sweet Potato Pie Bake-Off (Congrats to Marcia Tepper for winning this year’s contest!) and the canned food drive for the Bea Gaddy Shelter in Baltimore.

Our celebration culminated with a visit from Dr.  Raymond A. Winbush, Director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University, and entertainment from the Cristo Rey Student Steppers (pic right). Dr. Winbush gave a passionate speech on how GBMC over the last 50 years has progressed from its humble beginnings to a jewel of the community it serves.  Dr. Winbush emphasized our long history of treating patients well regardless of race or gender. This rich history is something that we, as GBMC employees, should be proud of.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the great work of the Cristo Rey Student Steppers (pic right).  It is very important that we take time at least annually to recognize the contributions made to our country by our African-American brothers and sisters.

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