Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Celebrating in the Summer!

There’s no doubt that the work of healthcare is hard. We spend so much time working to achieve our vision, to provide the care to everyone, every time that we would want for our own loved ones  that we sometimes forget the importance of stepping back for a moment to reflect on and to celebrate what we have achieved, together as the GBMC team. So, the timing was just right last week for our annual physician crab feast and our employee and volunteer BBQ.  These two events were great opportunities for our physicians, staff and volunteers to come together to celebrate what we have accomplished together, while also having some fun and enjoying comradery!

On Tuesday evening, after the triennial medical staff meeting, 156 physicians gathered under the tent for the annual crab feast. It was a great time to get together with long time friends and also to meet the new members of our medical staff!

On Wednesday, our Philanthropy Team, led by Jenny Coldiron, and our Marketing and Communications Team, led by Greg Shaffer, put on a fabulous day-long barbecue! The festivities began very early in the morning. The Philanthropy Team delivered breakfast to the night shift on the inpatient units. Lunches were delivered to offsite GBMA practices and Gilchrist home care staff were given food coupons that they could use at their convenience.  At 11 AM, the barbecue began. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, ice cream and many drinks were served. There were spectacular karaoke performers and bean toss participants. It was a great opportunity to party a bit together and leave our work behind even if only for an hour or so.

It’s fun to let go occasionally and celebrate each other and all of our accomplishments together. I think we should make the barbecue an annual event. What do you think?


  1. Thank you Jenny, Greg, and the rest of the Foundation and Marketing team that made the event possible. Not even a little rain could stop this from being a fun a memorable event. I particularly enjoyed karaoke with my Quality and Safety team members and meeting Conquer, the Raven, from the Baltimore Zoo. I hope we can do this again next year.

  2. Nice tribute to our staff. I only had 10 minutes to grab lunch and return (patients waiting) but it looked like fun for all attending. The weather held, smiles all around! Thank you.

  3. Its was great to work and have some play time in between, Super Fun! Thank You!

  4. thank you foundation for the recognition and all that you are doing to celebrate the emplyees ,it was great to see people that I had not seen in a long time , it is greatly appreciated.


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