Thursday, June 2, 2016

Recognized for Their Compassion

On Wednesday, GBMC held its annual Dr. John Adams Compassionate Caregiver Awards. It is very important that we take time annually to recognize those who are outstanding at demonstrating their compassion. Remember that John Adams, MD, deceased former chief of pathology, started the Compassionate Caregiver Award at GBMC after losing a friend to cancer. His vision and philanthropy have created an endowment to underwrite the cost of the rounds that bear his name.

This year’s 15 nominees (Departments) included:
Cynthia Arnold, CRNP (NICU); Clara Anizoba, MD(Internal Medicine), Joanna Baird (Gilchrist), Lynn Beaver (Palliative Care), Nicholas Davenport (Care Management), Brittney Davis (Care Management), Daniel Fink (MICU), Cyril Gatewood (Emergency Department), Amanda Henderson (MICU), Donna Naslund (Gilchrist), Patty Nicholls (GBMA—Internal Medicine), Maria Pane, MD (Pediatrics/NICU), Mona (Eman) Soliman (Gilschrist), Zonda White (Environmental Services) and Brian Wilson (Gilchrist—Howard)

The winners were:
4th Runner Up - Donna Naslund, Gilchrist Volunteer
3rd Runner Up - Patty Nicholls, GBMA-Internal Medicine
2nd Runner Up - Nicholas (Nick) Davenport, Care Management
1st Runner Up - Cynthia Arnold, CRNP, NICU
Winner - Maria Pane, MD, NICU

We should all be very proud of all the nominees because they embody our second Aim of Better Care. In my remarks at the event, I pointed out that we move towards our first Aim of Better Health when we deliver evidence-based care. This is rather mechanical for scientist-clinicians. The second Aim is much harder to deliver. It requires that we get in the shoes of the patient and her family in the moment. This is very hard for clinicians to do always because we get caught up in the work of healthcare along with its stresses. It’s easy to come across as not caring when we are focused on our tasks. The nominees are special people who stay focused on the patient as a person with needs beyond the medical care.

After the large event in the Civiletti Conference Center, I attended a celebration at the NICU in honor of Dr. Maria Pane and Cynthia A. Arnold, CRNP for being nominated and winning their awards.
The celebration also highlighted our NICU Team for being nominated for this year’s Schwartz Center National Compassionate Caregiver Team of the Year (NCCY) award. The NCCY award recognizes health care professionals from across the country who exemplify extraordinary compassion in caring for patients and families. Winners of these national awards will be announced in November.  I would like to congratulate our NICU Team now even if the judges make a mistake and they don’t win the national award. They are outstanding examples of compassionate caregivers!

The Passing of Elsie Mildred Arnold
Speaking of compassionate caregivers, I was saddened to hear about the passing of Mrs. Elsie Mildred Arnold at the age of 94.  Arnold, a 1947 nursing school graduate, helped relocate patients from the Women’s Hospital to GBMC in 1965.  She continued to provide excellent care to our patients until her retirement in 1987 and subsequently served on the Women’s Hospital Foundation Board.
I believe in the old saying “work hard, play hard” and I know since March 2015 the EPIC team members have been working hard in the preparation for the implementation of EPIC.
The EPIC implementation is a strategic move for the GBMC HealthCare System. “One patient, one record” is critical for us to deliver the kind of care we want for our own loved ones to everyone. EPIC has wonderful tools to make communication between patients and caregivers easier as well.

I know how hard the EPIC team has been working.  Last week though, the EPIC Team showed their theatrical talents with their production called “B’MORE EPIC.”

Tickets were almost as hard to come by as tickets for Hamilton, but, I managed to get one and attended the sold-out matinee showing and I really enjoyed it.  It gave attendees a comedic perspective on how EPIC will help clinicians assist patients through the care continuum in our system.  Cindy Ellis, Project Director for EPIC, did an outstanding job as the producer of the performance and she did it with her usual outstanding style and exuberance.

There’s no doubt that we have a lot to do between now and October 1st, but, it was great to showcase the software and have some fun.  I want to thank all of those involved with this stellar production for bringing us some joy. If you didn’t see it, please visit http://infoweb/EPIC  Please share your thoughts of “B’More Epic”

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