Friday, July 1, 2016

Redesigning at Light Speed

The GBMC HealthCare System is getting pretty good at redesign. There are days that I almost get dizzy just thinking about all that we are doing to drive closer to our vision. Let me highlight just a few of the myriad of major changes that we are in the midst of….

One patient- one record…this phrase has been on the tip of my tongue now for more than 15 months. This week I experienced the 90 days to go live three-hour session that was held in the recently opened Epic Command Center, in PPNorth, where Cindy Ellis and Dave Hynson oversaw the review of the entire design and operational. I was so proud of the literally hundreds of people both on the computer build side and on the operations side who presented where they were in being ready for go live! We have so many smart, hard-working people getting us ready for the “big bang” go live on October 1st when our hospital, our hospice and our employed and GBHA affiliated physicians will be on the same information system. I can’t wait!

Patient Centered Care Units
I attended the day two report out done by Dr. Jason Stein, an expert in patient-centered inpatient care, who commented on how well this initiative is going in its first month of operation. Getting nurses, physicians and other clinicians all co-located on the same units to better meet the needs of the patient as a team is a very, very exciting concept and we are making it happen.

Designing our new Endoscopy Center
This week a team led by Lindsay Cromwell-Rims, RN our Endoscopy Nurse Manager and Niraj Jani, MD, our Chief of Gastroenterology with the facilitation of Ishmel Fulton, our Lean facilitator used the 3P process (production, preparation, process) to begin designing our new endoscopy center. In the old days, a couple of executives would get in a room with an architect and lay out the plans. Not anymore. Now the people who will use the facility get together with experts to design a center that will work for them and their patients with the least waste of everyone’s time, energy and resources.

These are just 3 of the major redesign efforts underway. I am very proud of all of the people involved and very grateful for their hard work.

Gilchrist Hospice Accreditation
Also this week, I attended the exit conference of the examiners who reviewed Gilchrist Hospice for CHAP (Community Healthcare Accreditation Partner) accreditation. This organization now does for our hospice what the Joint Commission does for our hospital. Once again, I was present in a room when a set of reviewers said: “We have found no deficiencies.” This is an outstanding performance and extremely rare to have no deficiencies but why should I be surprised? Gilchrist is the best hospice anywhere, period. Cathy Hamel and her team are exemplars in healthcare management. I am so grateful for all that Gilchrist does every day.

Our Night at “The Yard” 
All of us who attended  GBMC Employee Night at Camden Yards last week really enjoyed it.  I was happy to see so many of our people come out and have fun with their colleagues. Having the Orioles win that night added more joy to an already festive event.

Closing Time….

BALTIMORE Magazine is wrapping up soon on collecting votes for its TOP DOCTORS issue. Docs, if you haven’t done so already, please vote for the colleagues you most respect by NO LATER than Thurs., July 7th! This year, the magazine will only utilize online voting for TOP DOCS and no hospital codes are being used. The survey may be found at:  I am sure your colleagues will greatly appreciate your vote!  Thank you.

Happy Birthday to Us!
Finally, I want to wish everyone in our GBMC family a safe and happy Independence Day.  July 4th marks the birthday of our great country…the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let's take some time to reflect on what we can each do to make our country even better than it is today.

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