Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Working Very Hard to Get Ready for October 1

We are less than THREE weeks from our Epic go-live date of October 1. Last weekend, I was really impressed to see so many of my GBMC colleagues working in our command center in the North Pavilion and also at our Owings Mills site to enter appointments from both the hospital and our physician practices into Epic. Our team worked very hard on the schedule and registration conversion from Meditech and eCW. They posted 6,881 original Meditech Appointments into Epic and an estimated 21,052 appointments from eCW. The team also completed an estimated 10,000 total registrations! Gilchrist Hospice began manually converting the records of approximately 750 patients yesterday.

These phenomenal efforts are only the most recent example of the many hours of hard work that literally thousands of our people have done to move us to one patient, one record.  It clearly has not always been easy and we are not yet done, but, I am humbled by the efforts of our family. They have collectively worked through many barriers and completed countless hours of training to get us to this point. The transition will be hard, but once the hospital, our hospice, and all of our employed and GBHA affiliated physicians and other providers are using this system, it will be easier for us to move towards our vision faster. Please let me thank all of our physicians, both employed by GBMC and in private practice, all of our nurses, all of our nurse practitioners and physician assistants, all of our other clinicians, patient access representatives, billing personnel and every GBMC family member who has helped build the system, test it and get us to this point of readiness. I know how hard you have all worked and I am very grateful for all of your efforts. I am also grateful for the hard work and expertise of our colleagues from Epic. Thank you all!

Healthcare Environmental Services Week
This week is Healthcare Environmental Services (EVS) & Housekeeping Week (Sept. 11—17) and I am proud to acknowledge the dedication and professionalism of our EVS staff as we celebrate them.

Cleanliness is everyone’s job at GBMC, but, our EVS staff are the experts in cleaning who work tirelessly to get the job done. They spend countless hours in their vital role in preventing infections, patient safety, and patient satisfaction, maintaining sustainable buildings, lending a helping hand and working to ensure that our healthcare facilities are always presentable and ready for business.

There are over 100 EVS associates working “around the clock” at GBMC in a variety of roles servicing over 1.2 million square feet of facility. Their work is vitally important to the health and safety of our patients, so, please join me in honoring all the men and women of EVS.

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