Thursday, November 2, 2017

Recognizing Three New Physician Titans of Care

It was with great honor and gratitude that GBMC HealthCare announced the selection of three new Physician Titans of Care during Monday evening’s recognition dinner. Melissa Sparrow, MD, GBMC Chief of the Medical Staff, presided over the event and presented the awards.

GBMC physicians provide a great service to the community every day as we move closer to our vision. The new titans are just three phenomenal examples of giving through their expertise and hard work. The new Physician Titans of Care are:

-John Boscia, MD
-Karl Diehn, MD
-Alan Tapper, MD

Let me just tell you a little bit about each new Titan.

John Boscia, MD
He was the first physician to open a pediatric practice at GBMC, and served the community’s children for more than 20 years: treating extended families, children of parents he had also treated in their youth, and some folks well into their 20s, because they didn’t want to go anywhere else. Dr. Boscia dedicated his career to caring and advocating for some of the most medically-challenged patients and he did it because of his sense of justice. He also experienced some physical challenges of his own and had a special place in his heart for these patients. He was a deeply compassionate pediatrician with outstanding clinical skills and impeccable character. He was loved by his patients and deeply respected by his peers. He was known as a “true pillar in the department of pediatrics” and “a fountain of knowledge when it came to pediatric medicine.” A kind, compassionate and generous pediatrician, Dr. Boscia was respected throughout the hospital for his ability to work with other departments in a positive and collaborative manner. He was chosen as a titan for being the embodiment of GBMC’s vision of treating every patient, every time, as you would your own, loved one; and for being the kind of physician every parent wishes for their child. GBMC suffered a great loss earlier this year with his passing but the legacy of his work is still felt in our hospital to this day.

Karl Diehn, MD
Dr. Diehn has been a cornerstone of GBMC’S Otolaryngology Department for more than 30 years. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland Medical School in 1975, and finishing his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Diehn became one of the earliest members of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, and helped to forge the practice’s reputation as the preeminent provider of pediatric otolaryngology care. During his tenure at GBMC, he also served on the GBMC medical board and the GBMC HealthCare board of directors. He is admired for his consistent availability, his accountability, and his kindness. His skill, thoughtfulness and calm demeanor have inspired physicians, students, patients and families throughout his professional career. He was also known for making many personal sacrifices and spending many long hours at work over the years. Despite Dr. Diehn’s complete dedication to his professional life, his children always saw him as “the best dad” and when speaking to Dr. Diehn’s myriad of patients, one often hears, “he took care of my kids too,” and “he’s such a wonderful doctor.” Really it seems that almost anyone you ask in the community knows of Dr. Diehn, a quiet and humble hero, and now a GBMC Titan.

Allan Tapper, MD
Dr. Alan Tapper is known to be a physician of remarkable vision and foresight. In the 1970s, he sensed the changing demands of obstetrics in the region and began advocating for family-centered obstetrical care long before that approach was acceptable or popular. In 1978, against very strong objections, Dr. Tapper established the first birthing room at GBMC. Dr. Tapper was also well known for consistently promoting progressive changes that improved patient care and was part of a team that elevated GBMC’s position as the preeminent institution for women’s healthcare. He has loved the profession and thought of his patients as people first, patients second. From simply asking questions to get to know them better, to attending funerals for patients and their families, he invested in their lives. He is known by the community to be a brilliant, gregarious, extremely funny, and profoundly dedicated individual and Dr. Tapper’s work ethic, and focus on patient and family-centered care was a clear representation of GBMC’s vision long before it was established. His unique character, affability, trustworthiness, and sense of humor make him one of the outstanding physicians in our community. We are truly lucky to have been the hospital where he chose to dedicate his work.

We salute the exemplary contributions to the growth and success of our organization and to the practice of Medicine of these newly named Titans. We applaud their outstanding skills, service, and commitment, and thank them for their instrumental roles in building GBMC HealthCare’s reputation in our community and beyond!

TOP DOCS 2017!...
We’ve always known that one of GBMC’s incredible strengths is the quality of its medical staff and I’m proud to say that many doctors agree!

Nearly 13,000 physicians in the region “voted” for the physicians, in a variety of specialties, that they would send a member of their own family to if they needed care. The Baltimore Magazine annual “Top Doctors” November issue was recently released and the votes are in. It’s with a great deal of pride that I share with you that 139 GBMC physicians, covering 76 specialties, were recognized as a “Top Doctor.” Several of these medical staff members were recognized in more than one category, and some have been recognized many years in a row!

In addition, the magazine also highlighted our chairman of Radiation Oncology, Robert K. Brookland, MD. He was one of six eminent doctors, from a pool of over 700 physicians in the Baltimore area, selected to be profiled in the current TOP DOCS issue.

Being recognized as a “Top Doctor” is an extraordinary honor, because it is a selection by peers. We are so fortunate to have outstanding surgeons, internists, pediatricians, family physicians, and other wonderful specialists. Congratulations to Dr. Brookland as well as all others who were named 2017 Top Docs.

To view a listing of our “Top Doctors” and to learn more about who they are, please visit GBMC's Top Doctors 2017 webpage.

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