Friday, February 15, 2019

GBMC has the Best Grounds Crew!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had several people stop me, most recently during this past Monday’s Lean Daily Management (LDM) walk, to let me know how grateful they are for the excellent work our grounds crew has done during the recent winter storm events. They’ve told me how “stunning” our facility looks after inclement winter weather. They reflected that they wished that the rest of the region could be as good at snow and ice removal as GBMC.

Every winter, our grounds crew does an outstanding job of clearing snow and ice on our grounds, and our facilities team makes sure that everything remains in working order. Over the years, there have been several stories about how all our staff members have rallied together during blizzards and ice storms to ensure the hospital remained operational to serve those in need of our care. Time and time again, the GBMC team has clearly demonstrated its commitment to our mission of health, healing, and hope for the community. I have witnessed the teamwork, camaraderie and “can do” attitude of our people firsthand many times since I arrived in 2010.

On Monday, our grounds crew did its usual phenomenal job of snow and ice removal to make our campus safe and passable. They were out all day, clearing ice from GBMC roads and walkways. GBMC ran like a well-oiled machine. I can’t think of anything that exemplifies teamwork more than this.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for their commitment and effort to get the job done for our patients and our community during the recent storms. Special thanks must go to our beloved grounds team: George Dillon and Tony Weber. From early in the morning to very late at night, these guys worked collaboratively with our vendors, Bright View, to keep our campus safe and passable. Thanks also must go out to Jim Keyzer, Mitchell Scholtes and all of our facilities team!

Again, my appreciation to all who work so hard to get the job done for our patients and our community during the recent storms.

Thank you, everyone!

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