Thursday, October 29, 2020

Being Ready for Your Loved One to be the Patient

GBMC will receive a site visit from the Joint Commission for our triennial accreditation survey in the next few weeks. In the old days, when a hospital thought that the Joint Commission was on the way, it was time to get ready and be on our best behavior. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

We now realize that accreditation standards are the minimum that an organization needs to meet to deliver good care to those it serves. We all know that GBMC is moving towards its vision of being a community-based system of care that can deliver the best health outcome and the best care experience with the least waste of resources and the most joy for those providing the care. We do this for every patient, every time. This is the care that we want for our own loved ones. So, it is clearly necessary for us to be ready all the time for an accreditation group to give us a check-up. If all our leaders are following our Leadership System, we should always be ready for a Joint Commission Survey. I am very interested to see what we learn when the Joint Commission comes. I am sure that the surveyors will find some areas where we might improve but I am sure that we are ready as an organization. 

This Monday, on the Lean Daily Management walk, I visited the Women’s and Outpatient Surgery Center, the Sherwood General Operating Room, the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, and the Kroh Endoscopy suite. At every site, these perioperative leaders told me what they were doing to take their units further along the journey towards high reliability. My colleagues were so far away from the old days of having to get ready to meet a minimum standard. On the contrary, it was so exciting for me to hear how highly they were performing and how they were setting the bar higher every day to move us towards our vision. I am humbled by the work of Jack Flowers, MD, Sharon Rossi, RN, John Kuchar, MD, and all their colleagues. They don’t need to be told to “get ready.” They, like their other GBMC colleagues, are ready.

Stroke Center Award
I want to congratulate our Primary Stroke Center which, under the leadership of Michael Sellman, MD, and Aaliyah Franks, RN, was recently selected for the 2020 AHA Gold Plus and Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite and Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll

These awards recognize our Stroke Center’s commitment to assuring evidence-based stroke care. Great work and congratulations!

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